So, now that we’ve heralded in 2013…what are your New Year’s resolutions?  Lose weight, procrastinate less, spend more time with family? How about explore something new…a sport, hobby or thing of interest?  Well, I recently met someone who is planning to learn how to enhance their food experience by pairing food with its perfect complement… (yup, you guessed it)…coffee. 

Well, why not?!  Just as wine possesses many different characteristics that enhance the flavors of food, coffee likewise is composed of many subtle distinctions that can elevate the simplest fare.  Why not give this resolution a taste test as you launch into the new year?

Find that Perfect Pair

Breakfast / Brunch

Baked Goods



Above, we chose popular foods and their recommended pairings.  For a comprehensive listing that you can use throughout the year, this chart is the best we’ve found. If you have stumbled upon your own favorite pairings, we’d love to hear!

In 2013, we will begin providing individual bags of our premium, artisanal coffee from regions such as Colombia and the Dominican Republic.  This way, we can better connect you with the superior coffee produced by our farmers… (and maybe even help make that coffee resolution come true).

Happy New Year to all!