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Where Quality Meets Equality 

TA works with every farmer to streamline the coffee process and thus consistently produce a high quality product. The farmers are trained through classes-workshops and are given a premium for their coffee. The farmers are also given micro loans so that they can buy equipment to process their coffee right on their farms.

The majority of the farmers world wide are small in size and don’t have the resources or knowledge to produce their own high quality coffee. Ironically, it becomes very difficult to guarantee quality at a large scale as is the case with big mills and huge roasting companies. They buy coffee from many farmers without knowing the quality standards, or lack of, that each farm uses. The best way to control quality is to produce it at a small scale where there is no blending and each farmer can vouch for its process and quality. In turn, TA gets unique and diverse Micro-Lots, and a transparent, long-term relationship with the small farmers. That is why TA believes in empowering the small Latin American coffee farmers in order to reduce poverty and provide you coffee at the highest quality.


The Rancho del Rio Coffee Farm


The coffee farm of Rogelio, our aforementioned partner, is located in the central region of the island in the mountainous town of Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic. The farm cultivates Caturra Arabica coffee plants at around 3,000-4,000 feet above sea level. The Guama shade trees are spaced every 30 feet of the farm to give partial shade to the coffee trees to grow a more dense coffee bean. The shade trees also promote environmental conservation and provide a safe nesting place for the island birds.

Rogelio shares the coffee farming equipment with five other farmers to provide high quality green coffee. The coffee is prepared by “wet processing.” This process results in a coffee that is cleaner, brighter, and fruitier. Most countries with coffee valued for its perceived acidity (such as Central America) will process their coffee using the wet process. The mill and drying patios are right in the center of the farm, which integrates the entire coffee processing in close proximity of the coffee plants.

As with all farmers with whom Tierra Alianza Coffee Importer works, Rogelio is organic certified and has been for the last 3 years. As a whole, this coffee farming community is very environmentally conscious. The farmers share a filtration tank that takes the water that is used to process the coffee and cleans it to provide potable water in the area for everyone. In the past, Rogelio has had a great amount of help provided to him from different organizations, such as USAID, Cluster de Jarabacoa and Asociacion Caficultores de Jarabacoa. Unfortunately, the two most important elements have been lacking; an individualized plan to improve the product quality and a dependable market in which it can be sold. TAC recognized these problems and have implemented our unique methods to fill in the gaps.


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