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Sevilla, Colombia

The diverse climate of Sevilla, Colombia gives birth to a great variety of agricultural products including citrus fruits, sugar cane, maize, yucca, vegetables and coffee.  In fact, it is widely recognized as one of the best Colombia coffee producers and has been dubbed the “Coffee Capital of Colombia.”  The farms outside of the population core are coffee producers and, as a result, café cultures permeate the town.

Tierra Alianza is currently working with five farmers in Sevilla.  At 3,000 – 4,000 feet above sea level, they mostly produce the Castillo Arabica variety but some also produce Caturra Arabica coffee plants.  Guama and Cacao shade trees are spaced every 30 feet of the farm to provide partial shade to the coffee trees and grow a more dense coffee bean. 

These farmers are all Rainforest Alliance certified and produce specialty grade coffee.  The shade trees used for the coffee also promote environmental conservation and provide a safe nesting place for birds.  Our farmers also utilize ecological processing machines which result in 80% less water usage than traditional processing machines.  These machines also immediately remove the mucilage from the beans and launch the drying process within minutes of depulping.  This process results in a coffee that is cleaner, brighter and fruitier. 

Our farmers are already very environmentally conscious but we are taking this a step further and working with them to transition their farms to organic farms.  They are all gradually making progress towards organic certification.



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