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Isla Del Encanto Puerto Rico



Around the 1800s, Puerto Rico Coffee was revered in Europe as some of the best coffee in the world.  Its superior taste and aroma positioned it as the standard against which coffees from elsewhere were compared.  The coffee industry in Puerto Rico flourished during this time.  Coffee was one of the top three export products, alongside tobacco and sugar, and coffee particularly from the Yauco region received a premium price in Europe.

Over the past few decades, however, the coffee industry has declined steadily.  Small coffee farmers represent over 90% of the coffee farmers on the island and the high costs of production and scarcity in human labor have been detrimental to them.  To make matters worse, over the years, several hurricanes completely destroyed many of the coffee farmers leaving the small farmers with nothing.

As the industry has declined, so have the quality, consistency and transparency of the coffee. This is due, in large part, to the high costs associated with producing the coffee.  Puerto Rican coffee is one of two coffees grown on U.S. soil and its labor costs reflect U.S. standards.  This, along with the product’s limited availability, make Puerto Rican coffee more expensive than most.  In order to reduce costs and make coffee an economically viable product, large roasters have started dominating the market and produce low-quality products. 


Tierra Alianza is working to bring hope to small coffee farmers in Puerto Rico.  Currently, we work directly with small farmers in the cities of Jayuya, Lares and Adjuntas to evaluate the quality of their coffee, assist them in improving it and representing them around the world.

Puerto Rico’s coffee has the typical, mild Caribbean cup profile and possesses a creamy, buttery body with nutty tones.  The dry fragrance has a scintillating caramel aroma with a hint of almond.  This fades into bitter-sweetness in the wet aroma but resurfaces in the cup flavors.


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