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Tierra Alianza Coffee Model

Our goal is to empower coffee farmers in Latin American countries to improve the lives of their families and communities by helping them to produce and sell superior coffee products. 

How do we do this?  We show the farmers how to control numerous aspects of the supply chain (from harvest to pulping to drying) – thus reducing the need for many of the middle men that usurp profits and ensuring that the farmers receive higher gains for their products.

We focus on three elements:

  • Supplying coffee equipment and funding to farmers
  • Offering education and hands-on training as needed
  • Providing access to the larger US market


Essentially, these elements build a bridge that connects farmers to resources that help them reduce poverty in their communities and introduces American consumers to intriguing destinations marked by superior coffee.

Coffee Equipment & Funding

Where necessary, we guide our farmers in installing equipment that improve processes.  Once this equipment is installed, we administer hands-on training classes and educate on better practices for weed control, pruning, pulping, drying etc.

Education & Training

We typically work with groups of 5 to 20 coffee farmers at a time, promoting open communication, transparency and teaching them how to employ best practices in growing their coffee.  What are these practices?  We ensure that every coffee farm is organic and shade grown – Organic farms do not utilize fertilizers and pesticides thus reducing the harm caused to the environment.  Shade grown means that tall trees, such as bananas and cacao trees, are used to provide shade to the coffee plants.  This practice leads to a high-quality, dense and flavorful bean.  It also provides farmers with a second cash crop thus allowing them to maximize the return from their land.

Market Access

We build strong relationships with our coffee farmers in Latin America and coffee roasters/coffee shops in the U.S.  We work with coffee roasters/coffee shops to identify the types of coffee products that are in great demand, and then work with our farmers to ensure that their product meets this demand.  Where necessary, we implement long-term development programs in order to produce coffee products that meet the highest standards and are tantalizing to our U.S. clients.  We also provide complete transparency between farmers and U.S. clients, encouraging negotiation between both parties so that both ends maximize their financial opportunities.  We create supply for demand, introduce our U.S. clients to premium coffee products and open new worlds of opportunity for our Latin American farmers.




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