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Wholesale Direct Trade Program

Tierra Alianza works with coffee roasters all over the world to develop thier very own direct trade sustainable program. We visit each coffee roaster and get to know them in order to understand excatly what they are looking for in a product. We then take all of this information and use it to start developing a program that is uniquely catered to you. The best part is that thier will be transparency between the roasters and the farmers. The roasters will know everything about their product and the farmers will know everything about their buyers. 

Tierra Alianza's Direct Trade - Roaster Program is designed to provide the following:

- Direct trade between the farmer and the coffee roaster

- Consistency in quality every year

- Complete transparency between the Roaster and the farmer

- Consistent volume throughout the year

- Marketing material that is designed just for you to sell more effectively your differentiated direct trade/relationship coffee to your customers

- Trips at origin: we want you to get to know your suppliers and get a better appretiation of their product


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